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Good day to you -

I have  been providing professional photography services for business in Cardiff and the United Kingdom for twenty years.
I have a background in journalism and editorial photography. I began working in 1990 in the Middle East region freelancing as a travel and news photographer.

I provide photography for public relations, media, ,industrial & commercial business. My photography work involves business people, the places they work and products and services they supply. I am equally challenged when I photograph  large, established businesses organizations as well as start-up businesses in their infancy, the challenge is always the same !
I always use professional equipment with respect to lights, cameras and lenses -  everyone and everything I photograph is properly illuminated for maximum colour and contrast effect.

            CLIENT LIST

            RWE Npower Ltd
              Tensaura Cover Systems
          Premier Inns
            Volkswagon Commercial
                Welsh Assembly Government
                  Vale of Glamorgan Brewery
            Consortium Inns
                   Squarefoot Estate Agents (Cardiff)
                    Cardiff County Council

                      Simply Gym

                        Masons Moving

                             Business Centre Cardiff

For  information regarding rates and any preliminary advice re.ideas, scheduling costings etc.
please reach out , see the 'contact' portal .

I hope my work is an inspiration for your plans .


Joseph  Nixon